The Sailing Trust

The objective of the Royal Cornwall Sailing Trust is to advance young people in life through the provision of facilities and instruction for sailing in the waters around Port of Falmouth. We hope to develop their capabilities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society. It is hoped that this opportunity will enhance their lives and open up further avenues for them to explore.

The Trust is based at the RCYC and the Falmouth Water Sports Centre. Trained members of the RCYC provide tuition and safety cover for all participants.

Initially dinghies will be used but there will be an opportunity to progress to larger boats and to become members of a crew. The trust has three dinghies and the use of a 21ft keelboat at this time with the necessary support boats. In the future, the club aims for compete in match racing with a fleet of suitable keelboats.

The Sailing Trust operates under the guidance of a group of members comprising the Sailing Trust Committee, currently Robin Taylor, David Coglan and Nick Woodley with very welcome and kind figurehead support from Sir Ben Ainslie.

The Trust has been set-up with support by David Coglan’s company, LillyFreya Wealth Management Ltd, and RCYC. Our first event took place in late summer 2013, when the young Falmouth-based solo sailor Sam Goodchild took several young hopefuls out for a sail on his Figaro Class racing yacht.  This provided a marvellous opportunity for some local youngsters to experience a taste of life on the waves under sail.

Since then the Trust has taken over 100 children from a number of local schools and organisations on a number of “Get On Board” days.  Children have been treated to a cruise around the Falmouth Estuary courtesy of the Pill Family on their ferry the “Princessa” and then lunch at the Falmouth Water Sports Centre.  A visit to Pendennis Shipyard where the children were given a guided tour of the super yacht complex accompanied by current and past apprentices was a great success.  For many of the children these are life enhancing experiences. Some have not been on a boat before and seeing the amazing super yachts being built gave them an insight to a wonderful world which they could be part off.