It’s Turn up and Go sailing,

Many Members wake up in the morning and ask themselves this question: Am I getting out enough?

Well here’s the answer: Meandering.

Meandering is a brilliant facility of the Club’s that matches boat owners with non-boat owners (or just people who fancy a sail in someone else’s boat). It is open to all ages and abilities and Meanderers can play as active or passive a part in the day’s sailing as they wish.

Whichever you choose it’s a great way to be out on the water, meet new people, enjoy sailing and have a good lunch.

It works like this: Meanderers (Skippers and crew) assemble on the lawn at 10 am on Thursdays during the season, ready for a day’s sailing and equipped with provisions for a hearty lunch en route. Just turn up no need to book.

Boats and crews are agreed and a lunch destination selected, say a sheltered cove near the Helford. The various boats then enjoy 2 to 3 hours sailing before arriving at said cove, where the boats anchor and raft up for what is always a leisurely and  highly sociable meal on board, often as enjoyable as the sailing and sometimes the highlight!

Boats return to Falmouth around 4 pm.

So, why not get out more? Bring a friend who’s not a member if you want to see if they like Meandering.  Maybe they’d join the Club.

Remember it’s Turn up and Go Sailing.  It’s fun, it’s for all ages and abilities and it’s FREE.

For any further details about meandering please email Hugh Kellett at